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We help hundreds of US merchants to collect payments from their Brazilian customers. International transfers within 1 business day.


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How it works

Get paid in three easy steps

We care a lot about you and your customer having a very simple experience when using our system.

Create a
payment link

with the amount you want to get paid and send it to your customer in Brazil via WhatsApp

Your customer
opens the link

and pays using PIX or in up to 12 installments with a national or international credit card

You get paid in your
US bank account

in the next business day (D+1) for payments made before 4 p.m. Payments paid after this time will be paid in the following business day (D+2)

Your customer can pay with PIX or credit card in up to 12 installments

"Our mission is to connect Brazilians to the best in the world through international purchases."

Why Glin?

We help your business to thrive

Our platform dedicated to the personal shoppers and freight forward market allows for a unique positioning. Our approach is focused on the following pillars:


We have several channels such as podcast, blog and ebooks to disseminate best practices and professionalize the market.

Excelence in customer support

We are recognized in the market for our speed in serving our partners' customers.

Hassle-free life

Our platform is compliant with both Brazilian and American legislation so you don't have any problems with your financial life in the US.

Technology at your service

We have a cutting-edge tech team that works every day to automate processes and simplify activities in order to deliver the best experience for you and your customer.

Our partners

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Personal Shopper JD​
Ana Aline Personal Shopper​
America's shoppers
My Personal Shopper​
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+ 450 partners

Check out what you will have at your disposal

A world of benefits for your business

This is what you will have access to as soon as you sign up to Glin

Exclusive offers

We will frequently have special offers to your customers like no fee or 0% interest installment plans.

Acquire new customers

You will have a page in our website where new importers can find you and get to know your work.

Accept all payment methods in Brazil

Even though you are in the US, using Glin you can get paid via Pix or any Brazilian credit card. Always complying with the laws of both countries.

Video tutorials

"Glin Explains" is a series of videos that will help your customer to use our platform in case they face any difficulties.

Sales dashboard

Track your payments in real time and always know exactly when you will receive your money.

Integrated to multiple systems

We are integrated with the most important systems in the market, making your life easier when receiving payments with Glin.

What customers talk about our partners

Mari is an example of a professional. Extremely organized, honest, always looking to serve in the best way. There are no surprises when my box arrives.
Andressa ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
About America's Shoppers
Everything arrived all right and very well packaged. I liked it and will use it more often!
Mariana ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
About Eve Personal Shopper
A patient, kind, super personal shopper, always offering single fee for shopping groups with multiple stores. Honest group fee!!! For me she's one of the best.
Valdilene ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
About Ana Aline Personal Shopper

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